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Susie was crowned queen of the school by the Pre-schoolers!

After a long day working in the Library, Susie relaxes in her Cavy Cozy.

Go Pack Go!
Susie reads about guinea pigs.
Susie loves to eat her veggies!
There are many great books written about guinea pigs! A few of them are:

The Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig Series by: Kate McMullan

I Love Guinea Pigs by: Dick King Smith

Gullible's Troubles by: Margaret Shannon
Guinea Pigs Don't Read Books by: Colleen Stanley Bare
Guinea Pigs Don't Talk by: Laurie Myers

All of these books can be checked out of St. Michael's School Library!

Find more books here:

Guinea Pig Publications


Guinea Pigs
We guinea pigs are in the mammal family and are native to South America

No one is quite sure how we got our name. Some say that guinea pigs were found in the South American country of Dutch Guiana and that sailors bringing them to Europe called them "guiana pigs." Another story says that guinea pigs were sold at the market for one guinea. No one except we guinea pigs know the real reason for our name and we are all sworn not to tell. It is an ancient guinea pig secret handed down from parents to children.

Guinea pigs are wonderful, friendly and lovable animals. (not that We're biased, mind you - but it is the truth!) We come in many colors and with many hair styles.

We make wonderful pets and loyal friends.